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MONDAYS – THURSDAYS: 08:00 – 16:30 | FRIDAY: 08:00 – 16:00 | SATURDAY: 08:00 – 11:00 | SUNDAY: CLOSED

About Us


FITPRO – The Institute of Fitness Professionals has earned the reputation for offering the highest quality fitness education. FitPro has moulded its name in the fitness industry with over 17 years experience. Through science, research and active experience, FitPro education always have the best to offer.

Our priority is to adapt to the individual needs of each student. Our personal approach will give you the edge in a constantly evolving fitness industry. Therefore we take pride in our accredited fitness certifications.

As a provider of the highest quality fitness education, FitPro ensures our students have an up-to-date approach to fitness training. 

Fitness Certifications at FitPro can be completed Online, Part time or Full time. We also have a workshops that can be done any time.

With a wide variety of online learning options, students can still get help and direct access to our lectures. This is done through our Online School.

Our Values

FitPro is committed to offering accredited fitness certifications with the highest integrity. Our fitness education manuals and delivery is constantly evaluated and updated. Through solid science, research and experience our students are well prepared. This daily value system provides students with all the necessary tools to achieve success in the workplace.

In addition, FitPro believes in our students and we are always available. Our student support and customer service is of the highest rating in the industry.  

REPSSA is a non-profit, independent public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals in South Africa.  One of the key functions is to provide a system of regulations for instructors and trainers. This is to ensure that they meet the international health and fitness industry’s standards.  REPSSA is affiliated with various ICREPS organisations worldwide.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is affiliated as a recognised provider of education with REPSSA.

This affiliation provides direct International Recognition for FitPro accredited certifications.


Any one can say they will educate the fitness industry.  At FitPro, we use our accredited fitness certifications for your success. We go above and beyond what the fitness industry requires, delivering a course that has so much extra added onto it. Therefore, once you are a part of the FitPro family, you would not want to complete your fitness education anywhere else!

CATHSSETA, the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority. It is the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998)(the Skills Act) for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Economic Sector.

CATHSSETA‘s primary function is to contribute to the raising of skills. This function brings skills to the employed, or those wanting to be employed.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is proud to be accredited and recognised by CATHSSETA. We both share the same passion for education and empowerment.

Why choose us

Regular Events

Never a dull moment at our campus! Each week offers something to look forward; ensuring your continued education and professional status.

Custom Courses

No such thing as a “one solution for everyone” at FitPro. We believe in tailoring your approach to the fitness industry and ensuring that each step in the process gets you closer to that dream job.

Track Progress

Track your progress and grow your knowledge as you progressively learn all you need to get your fitness career off to it’s best start!

Online Classes

In a fast-paced lifestyle where change is inevitable, learning new things has never been this easy. Simply click and learn in the comfort of your own space and on your own clock.

Super Support

FitPro prides itself in individualised attention and forming relationships with students for the long run. We guide you through your studies and are there to assist when you are ready to enter the fitness working space.


How can we get you started?

Not sure what course is right for you? Get in touch by clicking the button below. We’ll get back to you with some answers to get your fitness career on-track!

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So….after 30+ years in the corporate environment, I decided it was time for change. To “Live (Love) to Work and not Work to Live”. Because I love exercise, I thought why not go into something I love? And at the same time, add value to someone else’s life by improving their fitness and in the long term , their health.

About 5 years ago, I came across Fitpro (Institute of Fitness Professionals) while reading the magazine Fitness for Women. My biggest concern was whether I would still be eligible to go into this industry because of my age – 50ish. After chatting to Fitpro, they put my mind at ease and helped me see past the age thing.

My introduction into the fitness industry was to complete the Exercise is Science and Personal Fitness Training courses by attending classes at night. Derek tries to come across as a Navy Seal Ninja but he is passionate about what he does and this comes through in his lectures while very entertaining. Since then, I have completed Sports Massage, Exercise is Medicine & Exercise and Pregnancy. Lee is unbelievably passionate about her preggy classes and shows that while pregnant, exercising can be fun and there are ways to modify an exercise to suit the individual during the different stages of this special time in a woman’s life.

In between these courses I have done various other courses, ALL through Fitpro.
I now work as an Exercise is Medicine Professional with Activate Health which is exactly where I wanted to be. Using exercise as a form of medicine for clients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, metablic syndrome, ie Non Communicable diseases. I can now honestly say, I LOVE my work!

Once you join the caring, friendly & attentive Fitpro family, you know you belong.


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