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“Biomechanics is the study of forces and their effects on living systems”. (McGinnis)

As a fitness professional, we utilize the  term ‘Biomechanics’ as it relates to the movement of a human. As a human we are affected by a number of forces like gravity, friction, drag etc. and these all influence our ability to move efficiently or with the least amount of stress on the body. (Internal forces also play a role here.) This stress my result in injury in addition to the inefficiency

In order to determine whether movement efficiency is being achieved, it is necessary to take our clients through a number of static and dynamic tests as part of their assessment. This would then form the foundation for our exercise prescription upon which the other objectives would be stacked. There are a number of protocols available for this; some use expensive equipment but many just require a trained eye and can be done in a short amount of time.

However, whatever tests one uses it is essential that you have a sound knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to ensure that you are able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The fact that our body functions as a complicated unit  means that small issues in one part can lead to big issues somewhere else in the body. As Trainers, it is not in our scope of practice to ‘diagnose’ issues but to rather say that: “The evidence is indicating…”. We can then make an informed decision to send the client/ athlete to a medical professional should it be required.

I will be hosting a workshop under the same title on Friday 10 July which will take you through the testing and the correctives that can be implemented to avoid injury. To Book:  Biomechanical Efficiency and Injury Prevention

Take care

Derek Archer

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