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MONDAYS – THURSDAYS: 08:00 – 16:30 | FRIDAY: 08:00 – 16:00 | SATURDAY: 08:00 – 11:00 | SUNDAY: CLOSED

Dear FitPro Learners,

The Institute of Fitness Professionals strives to create quality education and training through innovation, science and passion for the industry. As the global needs and landscape changes, FitPro walks at the forefront of the industry and education delivery.

South Africa continues to navigate through the global COVID-19 pandemic and we are excited to return to the classroom for practical learning and implementation.


During Phase 3 of Lockdown, the following learners will return to the classroom:

  • Learners who are currently completing qualifications where practical implementation and supervision is required.
  • Blended learning will continue for all FitPro students currently on learning programmes.
  • New programmes will commence either fully online or in a blended approach.
  • As lockdown regulations change and shift, communication will be sent out accordingly and procedures adapted.


Health and safety protocols

  • All learners who are required to enter FitPro premises for practical learning will receive a formal letter for their required access to the facility
  • The office site has full time security on duty that will perform thermal regulation at the access gates
  • Should a learner present with a higher temperature, they will not be allowed access to the facility
  • Learners are also requested to screen daily through visual and verbal feedback for flu based signs and symptoms
  • All persons accessing the facility must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit
  • Frequent hand washing routines are to be practiced by all learners
  • Learners who are in known COVID-19 “hotspots” or who have had contact with a positive person are requested to inform FitPro staff and not attend class until self-isolation is complete or further notice
  • Face masks are mandatory. All learners are required to have 2 masks available for a fresh change when needed.
  • The use of face shields is optional
  • We do not recommend the wearing of gloves.
  • Classrooms are limited to a maximum of 20 persons per contact session


Transport and access control

  • All persons are allowed to access the Campus using the Sloane street entrance
  • Should any learner be required to be dropped off, drivers are not permitted to enter the Campus.
    • Drivers are required to drop off the learner at the designated drop off zones in front of the main gate and learners are to walk in. Drivers are not permitted to exit the vehicles.


General conduct

  • It is the responsibility of each individual learner to respect the space, safety and health of all learners, facilitators and FitPro staff.
  • In the event that a learner does not behave or conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate, their access to the FitPro facility will be removed.
  • During practical lessons, the strict regulation of maintaining social distancing and interacting safely will be addressed on a lesson by lesson and task by task basis.
  • All facilitators and FitPro staff are well-versed in the process of cleaning and sanitation as expressed in the Appendix of this policy.



As the country moves to a COVID-19 recovery, we urge that fees are kept up to date and on time. Keeping fees up to date, not only ensures a positive experience for the learners but it keeps business moving forward.

Please note that in the event a learner cannot pay their fees, this must be expressed in writing to FitPro. That learner will then be addressed individually on what the next steps will be.


 The FitPro Way

At FitPro, we believe in Quality:

  • Quality in education
  • Quality in staff
  • Quality in experience
  • Quality in the next learner that completes a certification


In Health,

Derek and Lee Archer, Directors of FitPro




Procedures for blood pressure, skinfold and girths measurements:

  • The assessing learner will use wet wipes to wipe off the blood pressure kit and stethoscope, as well as the skinfold calibres and measuring tape.
  • A clean pen and paper will be taken.
  • Both learners must wash their hands and sanitise before commencing an assessment procedure.
  • Both learners are required to wear a mask.
  • The assessing learner will conduct all the necessary assessment and record the data.
  • Once assessments are complete:
    • The skinfold calibres and measuring tape will immediately be submerged in hot soapy water for 20-30 seconds, then removed and air-dried.
    • The blood pressure cuff and stethoscope will be wiped down with soap cloth and air-dried.

Procedures for sports massage:

  • Learners are required to bring their own bath and hand towels for use.
  • All learners must have a face mask on.
  • Hands are to be washed and sanitised before commencement.
  • Learners are to pair up and not change pairs throughout the lesson.
  • Towels are to be placed in a laundry bag/ plastic packet and tied. Towels are to be washed at home.
  • Hands must be washed and sanitised.
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