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MONDAYS – THURSDAYS: 08:00 – 16:30 | FRIDAY: 08:00 – 16:00 | SATURDAY: 08:00 – 11:00 | SUNDAY: CLOSED

As an industry leader, FitPro is actively involved in various aspects of Fitness, Health and Sport bringing an active experience to everything we do. FitPro is an Accredited Education and Training Provider with CATHSSETA and REPSSA, providing International portability and recognition.

FitPro is passionate about QUALITY education. The forefront of what we do is to ensure that each student qualifies with real skills that can be implemented into the workplace immediately.

Throughout the ever changing South African landscape, FitPro has continuously evolved to the needs and demands of the health and fitness industry. As we maintain our active involvement and exposure; the experience, knowledge and leadership of FitPro remains unprecedented.

FitPro gives you what you pay for and so much more! The price tag on education is not in the Rand value, but in the experience and future opportunity it affords you. With multiple payment plan options available, we are here to make education work for you. Don’t settle for the cheaper price out there; investigate what its going to give you!


2023 Success!

We are almost at the end of the 2023 Academic year, and it has been nothing short of great memories, awesome new Fitness Professionals and an ever-increasing foothold in the Fitness Industry!

2023 Milestones:

  1. FitPro is the exclusive Exercise is Medicine Partner in South Africa. Exercise is Medicine is now a compulsory component of WITS GEMP for Health Care. That means all the WITS Medical/ Health Care students are required to complete Exercise is Medicine Modules. With the continual growing of EIM in SA amongst our Fitness Professionals; this perfect handshake between Health Care and Fitness is tangible! In September 2023, over 300 WITS students completed an EIM part-accreditation.
  2. FitPro, in collaboration with Damaria Consulting, completed a successful Internship project. Thank you CATHSSETA!
  3. FitPro has already updated our manuals for 2024, with the launch of new options coming up! Watch this space!

2022 Year of Freedom!

2022 was the year of freedom!

Our masks came off, and it was our first uninterrupted Academic year since 2019. Awesome!

By November 2022, 80% of the Full time students were already in employment in the Fitness Industry. While the others were following up on potential opportunities. CHECK OUT 2022 HIGHLIGHTS!

In 2022, Group Exercise took on new wings and launched in Cape Town and Ermelo; with Johannesburg re-introducing the ever-sought-after STEP!

FitPro also offers full time certifications at the prestigious Dome, Swakopmund in Namibia. The opportunities provided to students give them International exposure and employment.

2021 FitPro Diversified!

In 2021, FitPro launched very exciting offerings:

  1. FitPro Online School. Now an optional extra, and added in for free on some certifications, FitPro registered students can enjoy the live classroom experience from anywhere in the world. Check it out!
  2. Fitness Ambassador. As a response to the youth unemployment crisis and high school drop-outs, FitPro is passionate to uplift the South African economy and create entrepreneurship. Sponsor someone today!
  3. FitPro Namibia. FitPro also offers full time certifications in Swakopmund, Namibia. The opportunities provided to students give them International exposure and employment.

That year 2020!

In 2020, the Gym industry was shut down due to COVID-19.

FitPro educated over 500 Fitness Professionals across South Africa for FREE on how to return to exercise without risk through our Exercise Clean workshop.

During COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, FitPro maintained an on-time completion of the Academic year by implementing a multi-dimensional approach.

What happens during a National Lockdown?

The FitPro office is fully operational even when remote, so we are always open. This means that learners are still fully engaged with staff and lecturers.

  • During a Level 4 and 5 Lockdown, full time learners are provided with live theoretical lectures via Zoom. These lectures are recorded and sent out for revision. Learners are also sent practice videos, quizzes and tasks they can do at home to keep them in the swing of learning.
  • FitPro opens doors and lectures from Level 3 Lockdown, allowing learners to return to the classroom under strict care and hygiene.
  • High risk or vulnerable learners are provided a second learning opportunity to catch up in Level 1.
  • The ongoing Portfolio of Evidence is fully online so learners always have access to an online library of learning content; progress is never delayed.

And Before…

FITPRO – The Institute of Fitness Professionals has earned the reputation for offering the highest quality fitness education. FitPro has moulded its name in the fitness industry with over 20 years experience. Through science, research and active experience, FitPro education always have the best to offer. READ MORE

THE 2023 ACADEMIC YEAR IS HERE AND WE ARE READY FOR YOU! We look forward to meeting you! Contact us today!

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