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FITPRO Testimonials

Dear Fitpro Team

Thank you to an amazing team for always going the extra mile, to educate and up-skill us with the most informative courses consisting of the latest research.

Fitpro’s learning platform whether in person or online is always positive & energetic. Your institute solidified my decision to educate myself to gain all the knowledge possible.

The impact the Fitpro team has, not only on our lives, education & growth often go unnoticed, as we as students always focus on what’s the next course we can register for (don’t blame us you always have the most interesting courses available J).

To Nerice: Thank you for all your patience, kindness and willingness to always assist and motivate – nothing is ever too big or small for you. You are amazing!!!

To Victoria & Shannon: Your professionalism, your energy and overall vibe is just awesome – thank you!

To Derek & Lee: Thank you to the greatest powerhouse, the directors themselves 😊. Keep on doing the exceptional work that you are doing and for being the Best Fitness Institute!

To Dr Torres: Thank you for sharing your medical expertise with us and for making the Exercise is Medicine course possible.

If I left anyone out, my apologies it was not intentional you are all phenomenal!

See you soon for my next course 🙂 

Yunata Andrews

Fitpro is my go-to training institution when it comes to internationally recognized certifications.

 I have completed several courses through Fitpro since 2015, namely Sports Massage, Exercise is Medicine South Africa, as well as various other workshops, with my Pilates Certification being the most recent.

 I highly recommend Fitpro as your choice in helping you take the next step in your career. This institution is by far the most professional, yet challenging, offering excellent value for your money.

 The Pilates certification that I most recently completed, was in every way well-presented. As someone who appreciates good business etiquette, I can only thank the trainer, Sally Ross, for the manner in which she presented this course; she didn’t hesitate to share her knowledge and experience with me, all the while being patient and understanding. 

 Fitpro is the way to go. It is a great way to invest in your skillset and training offerings!

Lynn Erasmus

For me choosing to do the Exercise and nutrition Pregnancy course was to gain true knowledge on the grey areas surrounding the topic, especially training.

So often I hear mixed opinions- don’t train when you are pregnant, this is dangerous or you see ladies running 10kms multiple times a week, doing CrossFit, lifting weights, still doing all types of training. The course gave me reassurance that yes there are limitations but you do not have to stop training, you are not entirely limited to a point where you can’t work hard and still stay in shape. It’s all about feel and monitoring your Heart rate and body, don’t panic or lose hope!! 

I highly recommend FitPro, their courses are detailed and all questions are answered with factual knowledge. I always gain from it, be it a refresher or something completely new to implement with training for my clients. Thank you team for assisting in expanding my knowledge and my career as a PT and Gym Owner!

Dom Von Pannier

My name is Chandler and I am a student at FitPro busy studying the NCF course.

My passion is to help people become the best human being they can possibly become and with the help of FitPro I can live out my dream. Fitpro is the best place to study! Fitpro is definitely one of the best environments I’ve walked into. The staff at Fitpro always greet you with a smile and they help you understand the work no matter what. Their dedication to help the students is unmatched. They care for their students and want them to achieve the best they can.

The NCF course is a course I would recommend for all that want to study personal training for it has opened up my eyes and taught me so many new things. With the help of FitPro and the NCF course I feel ready to go tackle the world and help each and every person I come across to become the best person they can because FitPro has helped me become the best version of me.

Chandler Reineke

FitPro was my first choice when I was researching institutions that would allow me to pursue my passion of a career in fitness. The small, personalised classes contributed to an optimum learning environment. The lectures are both informative and fun and the one on one attention I received invaluable.

As my qualification is internationally recognised, it has allowed me to pursue my career goals beyond the borders of South Africa. The fact that FitPro has such a professional reputation throughout the fitness industry makes the transition from a learning environment to a working environment that much easier. Overall, the guidance, knowledge and confidence Derek and Lee Archer have given me has proven invaluable.

Thank you FitPro Team for making my dreams a reality!

Cameron Venter

About a year ago we had to make a decision about Bradly’s future. 
Everyone who knows him, knows he has ALWAYS been in LOVE with fitness.
We started looking at online study options to do a “quick-fix” Personal Training course. What bothered me was how would he do a Physical Hands on Job without practical training.
How would he equip himself for a LIFE TIME Hands On career behind a computer…
We knew about Fitpro and decided to enquire about their Full time National Certificate in Personal Training.
On our first meeting with Lee Archer we were warmly welcomed on a Saturday morning. She specially opened up for us to meet and discuss the course and details surrounding registration at Fitpro.
The minute we walked through the doors of The Gym and entered Fitpro, Brads and I just knew this was The place to be.
He enrolled for 2019 and class commenced in February.
From the 1st day he started class I was called daily with an extremely excited voice about how awesome the class was, how fantastic the lecturers were and about all the amazing friends he made.
For me it wasn’t easy see my son move from a “plattteland dorpie” to the BIG CITY but Fitpro definitely helped with that transition.
He has done all the theoretical work, written exams and now just has his portfolio and practical hours to complete. Lee has gone out of her way to arrange job interviews for him at various Gyms so he can already started earning while gaining real life practical experience.
In 6 months Bradly has learnt and grown sooooo much. He has even moved into his own place to be closer to his work at SWITCH PLAYGROUND which was also introduced to him by Fitpro.
Just the past weekend Bradly and I took my sister to see where Fitpro was and we ran into Lee. Wow!!! She was once again so warm and friendly. Hugging as if we were family.
In my eyes, someone that invests so much into my sons future IS FAMILY
FITPRO, LEE & DERICK ARCHER for your part in Bradlys future.
Watch this space…. You have created an Animal waiting to be unleashed in the Fitness Industry?
If your child loves fitness as much as mine does, Fitpro should definitely be your Only choice!
#bradlyjoubert #fitpro_institute #leearcher #switchplaygroundsa #gohealthclubsa

Monya Joubert

Thank you very much for everything. I would definitely recommend Fitpro to people I know, because I had a good experience. It’s a highly recognized institution nationally and internationally.

The material is great and very informative. Last but not least Thank you very much David and Nerice, I gained a lot of knowledge about fitness.

Plus you have flexibility and a good support team, Thank you all & God bless you abundantly.

Thato Matsile

Recently I completed a group exercise instructor course with Fitpro Education, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Not being the average age of their students, I was a bit nervous at first.  But this was put to ease very quickly by the very friendly, understanding and competent staff.  Fitpro is not just an institution, but also a fitness family.  Not at any stage was I made feel uncomfortable for asking questions and was always given a lot of support from everyone. From the admin personal, the trainers, managers and Senior Management.  They showed compassion for my personal situations and helped in every way.

The practical training was a ton of fun and very insightful.  Every step was demonstrated and explained in a professional manner.  The theory, was educational and helped me to understand the human body a lot better.  Making sense of the muscles and processes that are affected during training.

How to put a class together and keep it interesting for you clients, and being able to assist them with questions. Choosing your music and giving instructions to the class on how to follow you while keeping track with counting.

It has been an absolute pleasure to interact with such professionals that showed high standards, while keeping the fun of training alive.

I am looking forward to booking my next course with them.

Thank you my Fitpro Family

Linda Duvenhage

I am currently studying to become accredited to obtain my National Certificate in Fitness.

An experience of a lifetime since the day I set foot at The Campus. Here I have found the best lecturers and mentors, a ray of different personalities and cultures, which turned into lifelong friends. I have learned a lot, from all lecturers, from observing different ways of training to professional methods of coaching. These specialised individuals made me much more confident in pursuing my dreams.

A wise lecturer once told me, ‘What you don’t use, you lose!’ that motto stayed with me throughout my time at Fitpro. I always thought he meant it when it gets to exercising, that if you do not train all parts of your body, you will lose strength and muscle. But I have come to realise that he meant it more in real-life; if you do not even try to achieve something in life, you will never succeed in any case. Rather try to do your best and you will receive the best outcome after all.

That is wat I want to do; I want to follow my dreams! I want to show the world what I am made of, thanks to Fitpro. I would truly recommend the Fitpro team if your passion is to pursue a career in fitness. Whether it is as a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor, or any of the thousand other things that they teach you at Fitpro.

Fitpro, a truly unique and wonderful family.

 Thank you!

Chanté Van Der Westuizen

The course material has been well thought out and put together to give you a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and the hands on experience allows you to put into practice what you have learnt.

The lecturers are very knowledgeable and welcoming, allowing for a fun and vibrant learning environment which is highly informative and enjoyable. They are always on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions. Highly recommend for those looking to get into the fitness industry. 

Tom Hammond

So….after 30+ years in the corporate environment, I decided it was time for change. To “Live (Love) to Work and not Work to Live”. Because I love exercise, I thought why not go into something I love? And at the same time, add value to someone else’s life by improving their fitness and in the long term , their health.

About 5 years ago, I came across Fitpro (Institute of Fitness Professionals) while reading the magazine Fitness for Women. My biggest concern was whether I would still be eligible to go into this industry because of my age – 50ish. After chatting to Fitpro, they put my mind at ease and helped me see past the age thing.

My introduction into the fitness industry was to complete the Exercise is Science and Personal Fitness Training courses by attending classes at night. Derek tries to come across as a Navy Seal Ninja but he is passionate about what he does and this comes through in his lectures while very entertaining. Since then, I have completed Sports Massage, Exercise is Medicine & Exercise and Pregnancy. Lee is unbelievably passionate about her preggy classes and shows that while pregnant, exercising can be fun and there are ways to modify an exercise to suit the individual during the different stages of this special time in a woman’s life.

In between these courses I have done various other courses, ALL through Fitpro.
I now work as an Exercise is Medicine Professional with Activate Health which is exactly where I wanted to be. Using exercise as a form of medicine for clients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, metablic syndrome, ie Non Communicable diseases. I can now honestly say, I LOVE my work!

Once you join the caring, friendly & attentive Fitpro family, you know you belong.

Sandy Kirby

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