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Pregnancy, birth, parenthood… the journey and challenges are never ending. As we always focus on baby, naturally, oftentimes our precious mommies are a little neglected.



A fitness professional plays a critical role in keeping mommy healthy and well-functioning.



A pregnant body requires attention to prepare for birth, maintain strength and endurance for when baby arrives. Post-partum mommy needs rest, recuperation and slow strength building. All critical stages of specialised exercise prescription fitness professionals are required to provide.



An important skill to teach all mommies is diaphragmatic breathing post-partum. It re-activates the core muscles and encourage the re-joining of the Rectus abdominas to prevent Diastasis Recti (separation of the Rectus abdominas).



Easiest method is by allowing mommy to lie down on her back.


  • With knees slightly bent and back, neck and head relaxed, mommy simply needs to:
  • Placing one hand on the upper chest and one hand just below the rib cage.
  • Take a deep breathe in
  • As she breathes out, pull her belly button in and up
  • During the exhale, mommy should also pull her pelvic floor muscles very tight. Like she is desperately holding in her urine.
  • Relax and breathe in deeply again.
  • Repeat about 10-15 breathes each day.



Taking care of mommy provides for a stronger body, faster recovery and healthy mind.



Let’s take a look at our mommies and extend a hand of care of physical health.



Join Lee Archer on Zoom for our next Exercise and Pregnancy course. This is not to be missed.



Click on the link to find out more: Exercise and Pregnancy course



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