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MONDAYS – THURSDAYS: 08:00 – 16:30 | FRIDAY: 08:00 – 16:00 | SATURDAY: 08:00 – 11:00 | SUNDAY: CLOSED

Dear Future Fitness Professional,


In accordance with the implementation of a National Level 3 Lockdown, FitPro has decided to postpone the start date for the National Certificate in Fitness for 2021.


New Start Date: Monday, 1 March 2021


The rationale for a postponed start date is in line with the recommendation towards Education Institutes to allow for a drop in the COVID-19 transmission rates by avoiding gatherings too soon. In light of this, we are also aware that 2020 Matrics are patiently awaiting their Grade 12 results to be issued.


With this in mind, FitPro is positive for a very successful Fitness year for all the National Certificate in Fitness students.


The FitPro learning environment is safe, fully compliant with COVID-19 sanitation requirements and with smaller learning groups, students are promised a quality learning experience with complete peace of mind.


The FitPro office remains fully operational even when remote, so we are always open. This means that students are always fully engaged with staff and lecturers.


During COVID-19 in 2020, FitPro maintained a completion of the Academic year on time through the implementation of a multi-dimensional approach. FitPro will continue to afford flexibility as we navigate the future.


FitPro introduces learners to a variety of employers and their ever-changing business models; offering an opportunity to plug in to working spaces suited to the individual. No matter where we are all forced to be, FitPro remains open, service-orientated and committed to quality education.




As owners of FitPro, we look forward to having you in our family, and cannot wait for the 2021 Academic year to kick off!


In health,

Derek and Lee Archer

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