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Group Exercise to Music (Aerobics)

It is time to take your place in the Fitness Industry, where you are valued, appreciated and can truly change lives!

FitPro certifications are in a ranking of their own, with offerings above the standard. We give you time, effort and value in preparing for your future career!

Achieving results in fitness education from an accredited institution is of utmost importance. Our courses are locally and internationally accredited. FitPro courses are also designed and constantly updated by industry professionals; ensuring its currency and relevance.

Group Exercise to Music (Aerobics)


Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more
Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more

Group Exercise to Music, also known as Aerobics, is the start of health and wellness for everyone. This is the certification that ensures every community can exercise. Movement to music relates to most people and can be done anywhere!

Using music and movement, this certification teaches you the components of:

  • Warm up
  • Low impact
  • High intensity
  • Floor work and dumbbells
  • Stretching
  • Music interpretation and rhythm
  • Visual, hand and verbal cueing

Community exercise or movement to music is a growing need in South Africa. Through group exercise, or aerobics, the sense of community, social cohesion and a positive experience for everyone involved is encouraged.

Offering community exercise does not need much resources. Any open space that is safe and easily accessible can be used. That is why you really just need to get it out there and have everyone moving to music.

There are also great workshop add-ons you can consider. FitPro now also offers the opportunity to add on STEP to your Certification. This simply takes everything you learn on the floor and brings it to the step. And lastly, for many aspiring Fitness Professionals, Group exercise to music is their starting point for client and business growth. Therefore, we always consider this a foundation to the fitness industry.

Uplifting and empowering you as a student is a guarantee with the Group Exercise certification. Therefore, this certification comes highly recommended!

Additional information

Date and Venue

24 February 2024 – CAPE TOWN, 9 March 2024 – JOHANNESBURG, 11 May 2024 – ERMELO

Payment Plans

FitPro offers students payment plan options via a Debit Order system

Deposit R 2 500.00
4 month payment plan R 1 291.25 x 4 months


Students can apply for credit with Mobicred or get a loan with FUNDI

A pay-off option is available through MORETYME, accessible through Payfast in checkout.

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We are accredited

REPSSA is a non-profit, independent public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals in South Africa.  One of our key functions is to provide a system of regulations for instructions and trainers to ensure that they meet the international health and fitness industry’s standards.  REPSSA is affiliated with various ICREPS organisations worldwide, including but not limited to REPSUK and REPSEurope.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is affiliated as a recognised provider of education for those seeking to join the health and wellness industry and those already employed in the sector.

CATHSSETA, the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority, is the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998)(the Skills Act) for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Economic Sector.

CATHSSETA‘s primary function is to contribute to the raising of skills – to bring skills to the employed, or those wanting to be employed.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is proud to be accredited and recognised by CATHSSETA and shares the same passion for education and empowerment.

Are you a student? Need a payment plan?


Our Partners, Mobicred & Payflex have great options for you. Check them out for more information.

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