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At FitPro, we bring Fitness to you!

National Certificate in Fitness Full Time

It is time to take your place in the Fitness Industry, where you are valued, appreciated and can truly change lives!

FitPro certifications are in a ranking of their own, with offerings above the standard. We give you time, effort and value in preparing for your future career!

Achieving results in fitness education from an accredited institution is of utmost importance. Our courses are locally and internationally accredited. FitPro courses are also designed and constantly updated by industry professionals; ensuring its currency and relevance.

National Certificate in Fitness Full Time


Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more
Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more

The National Certificate in Fitness develops the complete fitness professional. This is a 1 year full time programme.

SAQA ID 67693: NQF level 5 Full Qualification (Total Credits: 137)

This course includes 4 Industry Recognized Certifications. These certificates provides for a diversity of jobs. Therefore, it allows students different jobs quickly.


  • Long Term Athletic Development webinar
  • Lower Back pain webinar
  • Exercise is Medicine Benefits and Solutions


This certification is full time at FitPro, situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg. A YEAR OF A LIFETIME!


The National Certificate in Fitness is open to all persons from the age of 18 years onwards.

The National Certificate in Fitness prepares students for important jobs. Firstly, students will qualify as a Fitness Instructor. A Fitness Instructor works on the floor at a gym. Secondly, students will qualify in Aerobics. Aerobics is group exercise designed for any person in the population with music. Thirdly, First Aid is also presented by Pulse Point. Lastly, students qualify as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Therefore, putting all these pieces together makes you the complete fitness package.

As an industry leader, FitPro is involved in various aspects of Fitness, Health and Sport. We bring an active experience to everything we do. FitPro is an Accredited Education and Training Provider with CATHSSETA and REPSSA. Therefore, students can port Internationally and achieve recognition.

FitPro is passionate about QUALITY education. The forefront of what we do is to ensure that each student qualifies with real skills. Therefore, students can adapt into the workplace immediately.

FitPro gives you what you pay for and so much more! The price tag on education is not in the Rand value. Value is in the experience and future opportunity it affords you. Therefore, FitPro offers payment plans for the National Certificate in Fitness. For this reason, students can afford the best experience.

As South Africa continues to change, FitPro has continuously evolved. We strive to meet the needs and demands of the health and fitness industry. In order to achieve this, we maintain our active involvement. Therefore the experience, knowledge and leadership of FitPro remains exceptional.

The National Certificate in Fitness at FitPro is a lifetime experience. Firstly, our students go on site visits to industry players. Secondly, the guest speakers and presenters keeps everything exciting. Thirdly, we expose and prepare our students for the future. Therefore, FitPro is the fitness career foundation for the future.

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26 February 2024 @ FitPro, Johannesburg (Applications are open!)

What's Included

  • All required learning material plus a lot of extra content
  • Complete online manual for access at any time
  • Videos for practical components for any time referral
  • Complete Hardcopy Manual
  • Live, full-time lectures
  • Live Aerobics lectures
  • First Aid Level 1 (an employment requirement)
  • Free webinars that you can implement immediately
  • Vocational hours with hands on learning and expertise at the exclusive Campus Gym
  • Access to equipment for learning purposes
  • FitPro T-Shirt


  • The Fitness Instructor and Personal Training components include:
    • Concepts of Health, Fitness and Wellness
    • Anatomy and Biomechanics/ Kinesiology
    • Physiology
    • Health and Safety Introduction
    • Client Screening
    • Fitness Assessments
    • Exercise programme design
    • Cardiovascular Exercise Prescription
    • Strength Training and equipment orientation
    • Strength Training Prescription
    • Flexibility implementation
    • Postural Stabilizers
    • Special Populations
    • Closed Working Environment
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Sports Injuries
    • Business Skills / Entrepreneurship
    • Workplace learning and vocational experience


    • Theory and practice of Aerobics
    • Low to High Impact
    • Music interpretation and rhythm

    Workplace preparation

    • Professionalism
    • Communications
    • CV preparation


At FitPro, learners have exclusive access to our facilities for workplace learning and observation. At our gym we have a Physiotherapist, Biokineticists, Massage Therapist and Qualified Personal Fitness Trainers who are available for assistance and learning. Throughout their time at FitPro, learners are provided with real-life tasks and vocational skill learning.

Learners are also taken on various planned outings to see the fitness industry from different locations and business models.

We don’t just tick boxes, our manual is more comprehensive than what legislation requires offering learners a broad spectrum of learning and experience before entering the workplace.

Payment Plans

FitPro offers payment plans for learners via a Debit Order system.

Deposit R 10 000.00
6 month payment plan R 8 143.33 x 6 months
8 month payment plan R 6 107.50 x 8 months
12 month payment plan R 4 071.67 x 12 months

Students can apply for student loans with their local bank. Quotations and Intention of study letters can be requested.

4 reviews for National Certificate in Fitness Full Time

  1. Lehlohonolo Selai

    My experience here at FitPro has been very fun, exciting and of course educational. The very warm welcome I received was perfect as I was scared on my first day. I have learned so many things here regarding fitness and it just keeps on getting better. I am planning on doing more courses at FitPro. It is the best fitness educational institute in SA.

    Lehlohonolo Selai

  2. Chanté

    I am currently studying to become accredited to obtain my National Certificate in Fitness.
    An experience of a lifetime since the day I set foot at The Campus. Here I have found the best lecturers and mentors, a ray of different personalities and cultures, which turned into lifelong friends. I have learned a lot, from all lecturers, from observing different ways of training to professional methods of coaching. These specialised individuals made me much more confident in pursuing my dreams.
    A wise lecturer once told me, ‘What you don’t use, you lose!’ that motto stayed with me throughout my time at Fitpro. I always thought he meant it when it gets to exercising, that if you do not train all parts of your body, you will lose strength and muscle. But I have come to realise that he meant it more in real-life; if you do not even try to achieve something in life, you will never succeed in any case. Rather try to do your best and you will receive the best outcome after all.
    That is wat I want to do; I want to follow my dreams! I want to show the world what I am made of, thanks to Fitpro. I would truly recommend the Fitpro team if your passion is to pursue a career in fitness. Whether it is as a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor, or any of the thousand other things that they teach you at Fitpro.
    Fitpro, a truly unique and wonderful family.

    Thank you!

    Chanté van der Westhuizen


    My name is Chandler and I am a student at FitPro busy studying the NCF course.
    My passion is to help people become the best human being they can possibly become and with the help of FitPro I can live out my dream. Fitpro is the best place to study! Fitpro is definitely one of the best environments I’ve walked into. The staff at Fitpro always greets you with a smile and they help you understand the work no matter what. Their dedication to help the students is unmatched. They care for their students and want them to achieve the best they can.
    The NCF course is a course I would recommend for all that want to study personal training for it has opened up my eyes and taught me so many new things. With the help of FitPro and the NCF course I feel ready to go tackle the world and help each and every person I come across to become the best person they can because FitPro has helped me become the best version of me.
    Chandler Reineke


    Wow my fitness journey with Fitpro ……
    It started out as a need to occupy my mind and time as I was slowly slipping in to a rut with all the chaos
    happening around me fitness seemed close to home as I could relate to the physical aspect, little did
    know that I was starting a journey of self discovery. Having stopped studying over 20 years ago I felt the
    blood rush to my head when I saw the National Certificate in Fitness file, could not help but wonder
    what I had just gotten myself into keeping in mind at the age of 35 I still had no clear idea of what I
    really wanted to do. The Fitpro family took me through page by page of each module awakening a
    burning desire within me to learn more all the while reminding me that I am capable of achieving all I set
    out to do. The support, guidance and mostly patience through this learning process is nothing short of
    incredible. One year later 3 courses in “I have found myself” and happy to say this journey is far from
    over. Truly looking forward to the new door that has opened and all that’s to come.


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We are accredited

REPSSA is a non-profit, independent public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals in South Africa.  One of our key functions is to provide a system of regulations for instructions and trainers to ensure that they meet the international health and fitness industry’s standards.  REPSSA is affiliated with various ICREPS organisations worldwide, including but not limited to REPSUK and REPSEurope.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is affiliated as a recognised provider of education for those seeking to join the health and wellness industry and those already employed in the sector.

CATHSSETA, the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority, is the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998)(the Skills Act) for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Economic Sector.

CATHSSETA‘s primary function is to contribute to the raising of skills – to bring skills to the employed, or those wanting to be employed.  The Institute of Fitness Professionals is proud to be accredited and recognised by CATHSSETA and shares the same passion for education and empowerment.

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